Oil Paint on Heavy Paper 30" X 22"

FROM ART DEALER TO ARTIST ' For many years, I was an art dealer in New York City. I have owned galleries, produced major exhibitions, and have worked with some of the most important galleries and collectors in the world. My company, and myself were written about in American Business Magazine and Barrons as specialists in selecting quality fine art with investment potential. In April 1978 I produced a sale and seminar " Fine Art For Capital Appreciation " at The Plaza Hotel in New York City.

After retiring from " the business " of art I have focused on making art. I have had several exhibits in New York and New Orleans.

My technique is entirely original, developed over many years of being surrounded by masterpieces and by observing the methods of several leading artists and illustrators. After decades of trial and error I developed a way of applying oil paint that is totally original and would be difficult to copy or forge.

Ironically the Covid pandemic provided an opportunity for me to just paint for a year to see what kind of art I might produce.

During self quarantine in 2020 I created a series of oil paintings. I am very pleased with the results and the few people that have seen them said they were remarkable.

I have selected ten of my favorite pieces to comprise an installation called " The Covid Rex Suite " Each piece would be individually matted and framed in gold leaf frames. and hung frame to frame, creating a single thirty foot long installation that would allow for rotation of the paintings.

Oil Paint on Heavy Paper 30" X 22"
Oil Paint on Heavy Paper 30" X 22"