A New York and New Orleans artist creates his art using oil paints,
watercolors, pastels, and mixed Media. He is well known for his 
Mardi Gras bead mosaics and updated versions of classic works of art.                  
During my 50-year career in the " art world. " I have owned galleries in New York City and produced major exhibitions and art events.   As an artist, I have shown in several group shows over the years, and eventually had gallery shows in New York and New Orleans.  From time to time, over the years, I fantasized about someday having an opportunity to spend a year or two "just to paint".  

In 2020 when Covid hit, during a self-quarantine, I had that opportunity.   At that time, I happen to have a stack of silkscreen prints of The Rex Parade on heavy art paper. The black and white image was created from a photograph of the parade that I took from my window on St. Charles Avenue. My family sent me some oil paints from Amazon, and I started to paint on the reverse side of these full sheets of art paper.  (30"x 22")

After a while the process became almost trancelike, and the paintings were revealing themselves as I followed along. It was an incredible experience.
Each painting is unique, but the connection is obvious.   After 18 months I had over 30 paintings that are by far the best I have ever done. 

Installation of Bead Mural in Mobile, Alabama at the RSA Trustmark Bank Building. 

The Mural - "Mardi Gras in Mobile" is in Tribute to the First Mardi Gras Celebration in the United States.